Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trend Loading...Military

I browsed through a new Vogue and I noticed a repeat in trends.
I know what you are thinking. "How boyish! Emm. I thought you weren't a tomboy."
Of course, I am not! But hear me out. No. Scratch that.
Hear out these pictures.

Belted Military Jacket/Blazer

Belted Denim Romper

Military-themed coat.

See what I am saying. Every girl loves a good coat!

Wouldn't it be awesome to show up at an interview in one of these instead of a blazer?

Tell me your opinions on this loading trend!


  1. That romper is ADORABLE! Want!

  2. Well, you said you loved my blog so I decided to come and check yours out. I decided to follow your blog because it's adorable and I think you should do the same for mine.

    BTW, I have a military style vest. Pretty nice.