Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fluff It Up!

Fluff up pillow, that is! Dang, I love a good pillow. Especially one that is very different. One that is not your average, white, cotton, run-of-the-mill pillow.

Like these:

Pancake. Pillows.

I love these. I'm a Scrabble lover (and failer).

Cute, no?

haha. It's Lego Pillow.

Now tell me what you think!

Would you like to have these kinds of pillows or would they freak you out?


  1. The pancake pillows are just adorable..haha!

  2. These are so creative -- definitely love the pancake one the best though!

  3. Those pancake pillows are hilarious. I must get some!

  4. As long as they were comfortable. That Lego one looks sort of lumpy and weird.