Friday, January 29, 2010

OMG. Light Graffiti.

I discovered an amazing feat in photography. LIGHT GRAFFITI. If you haven't heard about it, it is a type of photography when the shutter speed is changed and a glow stick is moved in a specific pattern. Take a look!

Both of these photos were found on Photobucket. Just search light graffiti!

I am curious to know your opinion! What do you think of these pictures? Does it make you want to try it out?


  1. It looks like one could get some interesting effects. I have read of painting with light, lighting selective objects in night photography.

  2. Hello Emm. Nice photos!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. YES! Note to self: light graffiti. NOW!

  4. I wish your prints were larger. Need to see the details in your photos. :)